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Journal of Cancer Prevention


Journal of Korean Association of Cancer prevention 2002; 7(3): 210-214

Published online September 30, 2002

© Korean Society of Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention and Diet

Mi-sook Lee, In-Pyung Chung and Ja-June Jang


Linkages between diet habits and cancer risk have surfaced from a multitude of epidemiological and preclinical studies. Research from several sources provides strong evidence that vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, dietary fiber, certain micronutrients and some fatty acids protect against some cancers. But the results have inconsistencies. To unravelling the mechanisms for the effects of dietary factors on cancer risk, nutritional sciences must build on recent advances in molecular biology and genetics to move the discipline from being largely 'observational' to focusing on 'causes and effects'. By combining chemoprevention approaches from the use of single nutrients to multiple dietary constituents and functional foods, the scope of future cancer prevention strategies will be broadened

Keywords: Cancer, Chemoprevention, Nutrition, Diet

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