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Journal of Cancer Prevention


Journal of Korean Association of Cancer prevention 2002; 7(1): 51-59

Published online March 30, 2002

© Korean Society of Cancer Prevention

Fermentation Characteristics and Antimutagenicity of Kimchi that Prepared with Different Ratio of Seed in Red Pepper Powder

Sun-Mi Choi, Young-Soo Jeon, Sook-Hee Rhee and Kun-Young Park


The fermentation characteristics such as pH, acidity, lactic acid bacterial counts and panel taste of kimchi, and antimutagenic activity of kimchi were studied when the kimchi prepared with different ratio of seed (S) and pericarp (P) in red pepper powder and fermented at 15oC. The pHs of P:S=9:1 kimchi and P:S=7:3 kimchi decreased gradually during the kimchi fermentation, however, pHs of P:S=5:5 kimchi and P:S=3:7 kimchi decreased very fast during the fermentation. The counts of Leuconostoc sp were high in P:S=9:1 kimchi and P:S=7:3 kimchi but the levels were low in P:S=5:5 kimchi and P:S=3:7 kimchi. Whereas Lactobacillus sp counts were low in P:S=9:1 kimchi and P:S=7:3 kimchi, but the counts were high in P:S=5:5 kimchi and P:S=3:7 kimchi during the fermentation. P:S=7:3 kimchi showed the highest prevalence in the panel taste of the kimchis and the P:S=3:7 kimchi resulted in the lowest prevalence. The antimutagenic activities of the kimchi juices were studied by Ames test using Salmonella typhimurium TA100 and SOS chromotest using E. coli PQ37. As the ratio of the seed increased, the antimutagenicities increased. Among the kimchi samples, P:S=5:5 kimchi significantly reduced (p<0.05) the mutagenicities induced by aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) in Ames test and SOS response against N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (MNNG) in SOS chromotest. From the results of the experiments, the P:S=7:3 kimchi seems to be the best seed ratio of red pepper powder for the preparation of kimchi in terms of fermentation chracteristics and antimutagenicity of the kimchi.

Keywords: Kimchi, Red pepper powder, Seed, Pericarp, Antimutagenicity

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