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Cancer prevention research 2009; 14(4): 303-308

Published online December 30, 2009

© Korean Society of Cancer Prevention

A Study on the Association between Ambient Particles and Urinary Malondialdehyde in Children

Sanghwan Song1, Chulwoo Lee1, Choonghee Park1, Wounjun Heo1, Youngmee Lee1, Daesun Kim1, Jin-Seok Han1, Young Rok Seo2 and Seougdo Yu1


Oxidative stress is believed to be involved in particulate related cancer process. We investigated urinary malondialdehyde (MDA) levels, biomarker of lipid peroxidation, of 53 schoolchildren from two urban areas. The associations between MDA levels and ambient particulate matters of different size (PM10, PM2.5, PM1, PM10-2.5 and PM2.5-1) were estimated. The urinary MDA was analysed by thiobabituric acid reaction and HPLC. Mean level of MDA in children was 1.16 (Seoul panel) and 1.26 (Incheon panel)Ռmol/g creatinine. Linear mixed regression analyses showed that the coarse fractions of PM (PM10-2.5, PM2.5-1) were consistently associated with increase in urinary MDA. This results indicate that ambient particles induce oxidative stress biomarker which involved in mechanism of cancer process. (Cancer Prev Res 14, 303-308, 2009)

Keywords: Particulate matter, Malondialdehyde, Children, Lipid peroxidation

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