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Cancer prevention research 2008; 13(4): 237-246

Published online December 30, 2008

© Korean Society of Cancer Prevention

An Overview on DNA Damage and DNA Repair in Cancer Research

Md. Mujibur Rahman1,3 and Young Rok Seo1,2,3


There have been a significant number of advances in the field of cancer research regarding DNA repair and their impact on cancer diseases attracting the attention of new interest. Unfortunately many aspects of the exciting breakthroughs in our knowledge of DNA damage and repair have yet to be translated into standard care for patients. This would require the cross linking between all the areas of cancer research for fruitful ending. Now more than ever it has become clear that it is necessary to achieve real breakthroughs in improving much needed diagnosis and treatment of cancer. While some genetic variation must occur in order for us to adapt to environmental change and to develop distinguishing characteristics, radical modification of our genetic material can lead to the development of human disease, most notably cancer. Thus, maintaining the overall integrity of our DNA is imperative. These systems must firstly recognize specific forms of DNA damage, remove this damage, and ultimately replace the aberrant segment with a normal piece of DNA. In order to get a clear view our review will focus on the different types of DNA damage and DNA repair due to endogenous and/or environmental attacks. (Cancer Prev Res 13, 237-246, 2008)

Keywords: DNA damage, DNA repair, Cancer

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