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Journal of Cancer Prevention


Cancer prevention research 2006; 11(4): 273-277

Published online December 30, 2006

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Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Its Effects on Breast Cancer

Mihi Yang

Received: October 2, 2006; Accepted: October 24, 2006


Incidence ratio of breast cancer to total cancer has been increased in last 2 decades in Korea and
breast cancer ranks second as a cause of death in women. In addition, exposure to endocrine disruptors
has been emphasized as a new etiology of breast cancer. In this study, the effects of bisphenol A
exposure on breast cancer in Korean women (100 breast cancer patients; 100 hospital controls) were
investigated. Conjugated form of blood bisphenol A was designated as an exposure biomarker and
analyzed with HPLC/FD. As results, blood bisphenol A could be detected in 94% of the subjects and
the range of blood bisphenol A was 0.69∼33.7μg/L (median, 5.3μg/L). The geomeric mean of
bisphenol A was somewhat higher in the cases than that in the controls, however, was not statistically
significant due to multivariate analysis including age, alcohol dringking, breast feeding, and age of
menarche. Thus, bisphenol A exposure may not work as a breast cancer risk factor.

Keywords: Endocrine disruptor, Bisphenol A, Breast cancer

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