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Journal of Cancer Prevention


Cancer prevention research 2006; 11(3): 235-239

Published online September 30, 2006

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Screening of Antioxidant and Anticancer
Effects from Flavonoids

Kyoung Ah Kang1, Rui Zhang1, Mei Jing Piao1, Soyoon Park2, Jinny Park3,
Ju Sun Kim4, Sam Sik Kang4 and Jin Won Hyun1

Received: August 24, 2006; Accepted: September 20, 2006


Reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as hydrogen peroxide, superoxide anion, and hydroxyl radical
lead to damages of cellular molecules and are a cause of cancer. To find the anticancer compounds
that scavenge the ROS, we have screened the antioxidant effect against DPPH radical and H2O2 induced
oxidative stress from 39 flavonoids at 10μg/ml. (+)-Catechin and epicatechin at 10μg/ml were found
to scavenge DPPH radical and intracellular ROS. We also investigated whether two compounds may
show anticancer effect against cancer cells by MTT reduction assay. As a result, epicatechin showed
the strongest cytotoxicity to U937 cells among NCI-H460, HeLa, U937, and MCF-7 cells.

Keywords: Oxidative stress, Reactive oxygen species, Anticancer

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