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Cancer prevention research 2008; 13(2): 116-121

Published online June 30, 2008

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Effect of Apigenin on Oxidative Stress Induced by Daidzein and Genistein in Hamster Ovary Cells

Min Hye Kim and An Keun Kim


The oxidative stress causes many diseases like cancer, aging, cardiovascular disease, and degenerative neurological disorders by damage of cell. It is caused by the reactive oxygen species (ROS) that is produced in the metabolic process of oxygen in cells. On the other hand the similar action of the isoflavonoid with the estrogen is examined, women are encouraged to get bean. In view of this trend, it is very important to find out a combination medicine that lowers the oxidative stress caused by the daidzein or genistein in the ovarian cell. In this research, it is measured that the survival rate of cell by the typical isoflavonoid of daidzein or genistein, activity of antioxidant enzyme, and ROS level, in order to study the effect of isoflavonoid over the ROS production in cell and antioxidant system. In the combined treatment of the typical antioxidant of apigenin to oxidative stress which induced by daidzein recover the control level particularly lowering the ROS in cells. However, it made no effect in the combined treatment with genistein. Therefore, the research took the combination effect of daidzein with apigenin in order to check its effect over the antioxidant system. In conclusion, it was disclosed that the oxidative stress caused by daidzein is related to the lowering activity of SOD, and the specific combination effect of daidzein with apigenin is related to the recovery of SOD activity. (Cancer Prev Res 13, 116-121, 2008)

Keywords: Apigenin, Daidzein, Genistein, Oxidative stress, Antioxidant enzyme

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