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Journal of cancer prevention 2013; 18(1): 1-7

Published online March 30, 2013

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A Review on Migration of Endocrine Disruptors from Food Packaging, Degradable Plastics and Recycling

Eun-Hye Kim1, Ji Hee Choi1, Yeong-Soon An2, Jae-Wook Shin3, Yong-Suk Kim4 and Ae-Son Om1


It is estimated that various chemicals are used in the production of tools and food packaging that comes in direct contact with food, and large quantities of these chemicals can migrate to food itself. The production of synthetic resins, commonly known as plastic, is increasing in all parts of the world, and is considered the most commonly used tool and food packaging. However, because synthetic resins are related to endocrine disruptors and may act as a substance that disturbs the normal endocrine function, it must be strictly managed to prevent migration. Synthetic resins are divided into a degradable and a non-degradable plastic.Degradable plastic partially would help prevent the migration of the endocrine disruptors and environmental pollution. Further studies are necessary to understand the migration of endocrine disruptors from food packaging, degradable plastics and recycling. (Cancer Prev Res 18, 1-7, 2013)

Keywords: Food packaging, Migration, Endocrine disruptors, Degradable plastics, Recycling

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