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Cancer prevention research 2012; 17(4): 288-294

Published online December 30, 2012

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Expression Analysis of BI-1 Family Genes in Diverse Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Jihae Han, Jung-Hyun Kim, Gwang-Mo Yang and Ssang-Goo Cho


The anti-apoptotic protein, Bax inhibitor-1 (BI-1), is evolutionarily conserved from bacteria to humans and is up-regulated in several cancer cells. Here, we analyzed the amino acid sequences of the BI-1 family proteins (BI-1, FAIM2, TMBIM1, TMBIM4, GRINA, and GHITM) and compared their expression patterns in normal breast cell (MCF10A) and several breast cancer cell lines (T-47D, MCF7, MDA-MB231, MDA-MB468, and SK-BR3). Moreover, through Oncomine database-based analysis, we could find that their expression patterns were similar to those of patient samples. Taken together, our data suggest that expression of BI-1 among the BI-1 family genes may be most intimately associated with breast cancer. (Cancer Prev Res 17, 0-294, 2012)

Keywords: Apoptosis, Bax inhibitor-1 (Bi-1) family proteins, Breast cancer

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