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Cancer prevention research 2012; 17(3): 251-256

Published online September 30, 2012

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Protective Effects of Ethylacetate Fraction from Taraxacum coreanum against Peroxynitrite-induced Oxidative Damage under Cellular System

Ji Myung Choi1, Mi Jin Choi1, Sullim Lee2, Noriko Yamabe1, Sanghyun Lee2 and Eun Ju Cho1


The EtOAc fraction from Taraxacum coreanum showed the strongest radical scavenging activity. The protective activity of active EtOAc fraction against the oxidative stress was investigated under cellular system using LLC-PK1 renal epithelial cell. The LLC-PK1 cells showed loss of the cell viability and elevation for lipid peroxidation by the treatment with generator of peroxynitrite (ONOO), 3-morpholinosydnonimine, and its precursors, nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide anion (O2), produced by sodium nitroprusside and pyrogallol, respectively. However, the treatment of the EtOAc fraction significantly, dose-dependently, recovered cell viability and inhibited lipid peroxidation against both ONOO itself, and its precursors of NO and O2. At 100Ռg/ml of the EtOAC fraction, the cell viability was significantly increased to 93.4% from 61.0%, and lipid peroxidation was inhibited to 0.104 nmol/mg protein from 0.494 nmol/mg protein. The present study suggests that T. coreanum would have the protective potential from ONOO-induced oxidative stress. (Cancer Prev Res 17, 0-256, 2012)

Keywords: Taraxacum coreanum, LLC-PK1, Peroxynitrite, Superoxide anion, Nitric oxide

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