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Journal of Cancer Prevention


Journal of Korean Association of Cancer prevention 2004; 9(2): 116-122

Published online June 30, 2004

© Korean Society of Cancer Prevention

National Cancer Screening Program in Korea

Kui-Sun Choi1, Eun-Cheol Park1, Hai-Rim Shin1, Chang-Min Kim1 and Dae-Kyu Oh2


Cancer is the leading cause of death and one of the largest burden of disease in Korea. The Korean Government has implementing to National Cancer Screening Program (NCSP) since 1999 and expanding to target population and target cancers. At 2004 the target cancers of NCSP are 5 popular cancers - stomach cancer, breast cancer, cervix cancer, liver cancer, colo-rectal cancer. And the target population of NCSP is one third of low-income level. The Ministry of Health and Welfare and Supporting Committee for Cancer Screening Program in National Cancer Center have developing the protocol of NCSP with the associated academic societies. NCSP is endeavored to improve the cost-effectiveness for reconsidering the program with academic societies, evaluating the program, improving managerial technique, researching natural history cancer and randomized controlled trials, and so on.

Keywords: National Cancer Screening Program (NCSP), National cancer center, The ministry of health and welfare

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