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Journal of Cancer Prevention


Cancer prevention research 2007; 12(3): 200-203

Published online September 30, 2007

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Inhibitory Effects of Berberine on Proliferation of Mouse Lymphoma Cells

Eun Young Kim, Bong Gyu Cha1 and Kwang Hyuk Kim


Berberine, an alkaloid initially isolated from Chinese herbal medicine, has antibiotic activities against a variety of organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, and chlamydia. Furthermore, berberine has shown a number of beneficial effects, including anti-tumor, anti-inflammation, and vasodilatory effects. In this work we have investigated the effects of berberine on cytotoxic activity against cancer cells and life span of tumor-bearing mice. The direct cytotoxicity of berberine or berberine-combined chemotherapeutic agents for mouse lymphoma cells Yac-1 was observed. In addition, the effect of life span extention was counted on Sarcoma 180 mice injected with berberine-combinated mitomycin C. The effect of growth inhibition for cancer cells, Yac-1 was shown in the cytotoxicity test of berberine or berberine-combinated chemotherapeutic agents. The effect of life span extention was observed at Sarcoma 180 mice injected with berberine-combinated mitomysin C. These findings suggest that berberine shows tumor cell growth inhibition and life span extension in Sarcoma 180 mice exposed with berberine- combinated chemotherapeutic agents. These results show the probability of its usefulness for cancer therapy if more research results were accumulated. (Cancer Prev Res 12, 200-203, 2007)

Keywords: Berberine, Yac-1, Cytotoxicity, Sarcoma 180

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