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Cancer prevention research 2012; 17(1): 15-18

Published online March 30, 2012

© Korean Society of Cancer Prevention

H2O2 Induced Two Type of Cell Death in Human Hepatoma Cell, Huh7

Kiyoon Kim1, Bum-Soo Hahn2,3 and Wonchae Choe1


Cell death is classified into two types as necrosis or apoptosis on the basic of established morphological criteria. Apoptosis is an active process in which the cell initiates the molecular machinery to getting state cell death in response to physiological stimulus or stress. Necrosis is considered as passive event in which the cell is irreversibly damaged by several stress, leading to cell death. Interestingly, a single stress may trigger either apoptotic or necrotic cell death in vitro, depending on the dose, the growth state, and culture conditions. And similar finding are found in vivo in the liver. There reports have led to the hypothesis that a high does of a death stimulus can cause necrosis, whereas a lower does may lead to a moderately damaged cell, and if incapable of repair, initiates apoptosis itself. Using Annexin-PI double staining, we determined type of cell death in several does. As expected, Huh7 cells showed different types of cell death does-dependently. (Cancer Prev Res 17, 15-18, 2012)

Keywords: H2O2, Apoptosis, Cell death, Huh7

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