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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Hyaluronic acid-modified nanoliposomes effects on stemness properties.
(A) Number of CD44+ cancer stem cells in Quer alone and HA-modified liposomal Quer treated cells were counted after magnetic separation. (B) Spheroid formation assay performed in serum-free media and captured (×10) at the end of the incubation period. (C) LP-Quer-HA suppresses CD44 and (D) Oct3/4 mRNA expression. RT-qPCR mRNA expressions were performed triplicate and GAPDH was used as housekeeping gene. Western blot results indicated that liposomal Quer treated PC3 cells shown less Wnt (E) protein expression than Quer alone. Densitometry analysis performed to quantify the results and, beta actin used as loading control. UT, untreated; LP, nanoliposomes; LP-HA, hyaluronic acid-modified nanoliposomes; Quer, quercetin; LP-Quer, quercetin-loaded nanoliposomes; LP-Quer-HA, hyaluronic acid-modified, quercetin-loaded nanoliposomes. *P < 0.001 vs. UT, **P < 0.001 vs. all groups, P < 0.05 vs. LP-HA.
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