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Fig. 1. The physicochemical characteristics of nanoliposomes.
(A) Scanning electron microscope image of liposomal formulations. (B) Dose-dependent cell viability of PC3 cells 72 hours, incubation performed in the equivalent concentration of Quer loaded HA-modified nanoliposomes. (C) 10 µM Quer and liposomal Quer formulations treated PC3, (D) LNCaP cells, and (E) ARPE-19 cell viability. (F) Microscopic visualization of PC3 cells, 10 µm Quer, liposomal Quer, and HA-modified Quer loaded nanoliposomes after 72 hours incubation period. (G) Relative survivin mRNA expression levels were determined by RT-qPCR in PC3 cells. Target gene expressions were normalized to that of GAPDH. UT, untreated; LP, nanoliposomes; LP-HA, hyaluronic acid-modified nanoliposomes; Quer, quercetin; LP-Quer, quercetin-loaded nanoliposomes; LP-Quer-HA, hyaluronic acid-modified, quercetin-loaded nanoliposomes. *P < 0.05 vs. UT, **P < 0.001 vs. all groups, P < 0.05 vs. LP-HA.
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