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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. PEBP suppresses the CD133+ CD44+ CD24+ phenotype in B16F10 and the CD133+ CD20+ phenotype in HS294T melanoma skin cancer. Effect of 24 hours of exposure to PEBP and NBJ on surface marker expression of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in B16F10 and HS 294T cell lines characterized by flow cytometry. (A) B16F10 CSCs were treated with PEBP (100 μM GAE) and NBJ (100 μM GAE). Suspension cells were labeled with FITC-conjugated anti-CD133, PE-CY7 conjugated anti-CD44 and APC-conjugated anti-CD24 antibodies for B16F12 cells. (B) APC-conjugated anti-CD133, Alexa Fluor 450-conjugated anti CD20 for HS 294T cells and analyzed by control flow cytometry. PEBP, polyphenol enriched blueberry preparation; NBJ, non-fermented blueberry juice.
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