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LncRNA with potential as a diagnostic marker in clinical samples

Cancer type lncRNA lncRNA in clinical samples Reference
Liver cancer ZNF385D-AS2, D16366 Low expression in HCC tissues [66,67]
SNHG1, SNHG12, LINC00511, HCG18, FGD5-AS1, CERS6-AS1, NUTM2A-AS1, SNHG16, ASB16-AS1, SNHG11, MINCR High expression in HCC tissues [68-70]
Lung cancer JPX High expression in metastatic lung cancer tissues [71]
DANCR High expression in terminal lung cancer tissues [73]
PSMA3-AS1, TUC338 High expression in lung cancer tissue [72,74]
DLEU2, AC020978 High expression in NSCLC tissues [75,76]
SFTA1P, LINC01272, GATA6-AS1, MIR3945HG, LINC01314 High expression in LUSC tissues [76]
LINC01572 Low expression in LUSC tissues [77]
Gastric cancer PTCSC3 Low plasma levels in patients [78]
NEAT1, AK023391, MIR4435-2HG, MAGI2-AS3 High expression in cancer tissues [79-82]
Colorectal cancer SNHG16, CACS15, CYTOR, MALAT1, TUG1, NEAT1, MIR17HG, H19 High expression in CRC tissues [83-85]
MEG3 Low expression in CRC tissues [86]
Breast cancer FAM83H-AS1, lncRNA-ATB High serum levels in breast cancer patients [87]
LINC0092, C2orf71 Low expression in breast cancer tissues [88]
362 High expression in ER-positive breast cancer tissues [89]
NFIA-AS1 Low expression in ER-positive breast cancer tissues [89]
Bladder cancer PCAT6, HOTAIR High expression in cancer tissues [90,91]
UCA1 High levels in urine and serum of bladder cancer patients [91]
GAS5 Low expression in cancer tissues [91]
Pancreatic cancer UFC1 High serum levels in patients [92]
Cervical cancer FALEC High plasma levels in patients [93]
Ovarian cancer ACTA2-AS1, CARD8-AS1, HHIP-AS1, HOTAIRM1, LINC00605, LINC01503, LINC01547, MIR155HG, OTUD6B-AS1 High probability in low expression patients [94]
HCP5, ITGB2-AS1, LINC00324, MIR31HG, PSMG3-AS1, ZBED5-AS1, SH3PXD2A-AS1 High probability in high expression patients
Osteosarc-oma TP73-AS1 High expression in osteosarcoma tissues [95]
Laryngeal carcinoma lncRNA-ATB High expression in laryngeal carcinoma tissues [96]
Brain tumor HOTAIR High serum levels in brain tumor patients [97]

LncRNA, long non-coding RNA; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; LUSC, lung squamous cell carcinoma; CRC, colorectal cancer; ER, estrogen receptor.

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