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Sex hormone-regulated lncRNA and its role in cancer

Sex hormone receptor lncRNA Cancer type Relation with sex
hormone receptor
Role in cancer Reference
ER HOTAIR Breast cancer Inhibited by ER Induce proliferation and tamoxifen resistance [100]
ERINA Inhanced transactivation by ER Induce proliferation and growth [101]
High in ER-positive breast cancer Induce proliferation [102,105]
TMPO-AS1 Stabilize ESR1 mRNA Induce proliferation [103]
TCL6 Low in ER-positive breast cancer High probability in high expression patients [104]
H19 Thyroid cancer Promoted transcription by ERb High probability in low expression patients [106]
MALAT1 Lung cancer Increased expression by ERb Induce vasculogenic mimicry formation and invasion [107]
HOTAIR Renal cancer Inhanced by ER Induce proliferation and invasion [108]
LINC00263 Lung cancer, Colorectal cancer, Renal cancer Inhibited by ER High expression in cancer tissue [109]
AR ARLNC1 Prostate cancer Induced by AR, stabilize AR transcription Induce proliferation and growth [113]
LINC00844 Regulate the transcriptional regulation of androgen-related genes Induce proliferation and progression [114]
PRCAT38 Increased through AR transactivation Induce proliferation [115]
LINC00304 Inhibit AR Induce proliferation and cell cycle progression [116]
SARCC Renal cancer Inhibit activity of AR Suppress tumor [117]
HOTAIR Promote activity of AR Induce tumor angiogenesis [118]
SLNCR Melanoma Combined with AR Induce proliferation [119]
PART1 Lung cancer, Colon cancer Induced by androgen Promote progression [120,121]

LncRNA, Long non-coding RNA; ER, estrogen receptor; ESR1, estrogen receptor 1 gene; AR, androgen receptor.

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