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List of significantly changed metabolites involved in the fatty acid β-oxidation pathway

Metabolites Biochemical pathways Metabolites Fold control

Mucosa Medium chain fatty acid 5-dodecenoate (12:1n7) 0.48b 0.4b
Long chain fatty acid Margarate (17:0) 0.35b 0.39b
Eicosenoate (20:1) 0.25b 0.29b
Erucate (22:1n9) 0.23b 0.34b
Polyunsaturated fatty acid (n3 and n6) Docosadienoate (22:2n6) 0.34b 0.44b
Dihomo-linoleate (20:2n6) 0.31b 0.32b
Plasma Polyunsaturated fatty acid (n3 and n6) Dihomo-linolenate (20:3n3 or n6) 0.43b 0.59b
Docosapentaenoate (n6 DPA; 22:5n6) 0.46b 0.51b
Fatty acid metabolism (Acyl Carnitine) Acetylcarnitine 1.57a 1.83a
Decanoylcarnitine 1.44a 2a


Mucosa Fatty acid metabolism (Acyl Carnitine) 3-hydroxybutyrylcarnitine 4.34a 2.73a
Stearoylcarnitine 1.68a 1.4a
Plasma Fatty acid metabolism (Acyl Carnitine) Cis-4-decenoyl carnitine 1.94a 1.69a
Laurylcarnitine 1.48a 1.42a
Myristoylcarnitine 1.65a 1.71a
Palmitoylcarnitine 1.6a 1.84a
Stearoylcarnitine 1.92a 1.5a
Myristoleoylcarnitine 1.54a 1.62a
Suberoylcarnitine 3.5a 3.08a
Adipoylcarnitine 3.5a 2.51a
Ketone bodies 3-hydroxybutyrate (BHBA) 5.46a 3.53a

Fold change is calculated as the ratio of the ApcMin/+ (A) vs. WT, ApcMin/+-Ffar2-/- (AF) vs. WT, and ApcMin/+-Ffar2-/- vs. ApcMin/+. Fold change that is labeled a or b presents significantly increased or significantly decreased, respectively. WT, wild-type. P < 0.05.

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