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Results from the final multivariate modela

Variable Crude OR Crude 95% CI Crude P-value  Adjusted OR Adjusted 95% CI Adjusted P-value 
Roll your own cigarettes0.22 0.06–0.800.0214   0.04  0.01–0.670.0244
Trying to quit now13.20 5.08–34.09<0.0001   3.89  0.85–17.810.0794
Self-efficacy to quit3.46 2.14–5.59<0.0001   3.49  1.72–7.090.0005
Contributed to cancer4.73 1.61–13.880.0047   10.37  1.96–54.890.0059
Tried quitting when diagnosed7.39 2.67–20.470.0001   6.39  1.12–36.430.0366

Predictors entered into the final multivariate model that were not retained included age, other tobacco use, years smoked, tried to quit in the past, believed smoking contributed to their cancer, tried to quit cold turkey, perceived benefits of quitting, continued to smoke because they never intended to stay quit, continued to smoke because they were drinking alcohol, and continued to smoke because they were concerned about gaining weight.

Journal of Cancer Prevention 2018;23:44~50
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