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Composition (g/kg diet) of the experimental diets

Ingredient Control diet  Flesh diet  Skin diet  Extract diet 
Casein (g)200200200200
Cornflour (g)350250250348.7
Sugar (g)200200200200
Safflower oil (g)100100100100
Lard (g)100100100100
AIN vitamin mix (g)10101010
AIN mineral mix (g)35353535
DL-methionine (g)3333
Choline bitartrate (g)2222
Purple sweet potato (flesh) (g) -100--
Purple sweet potato (skin) (g)--100-
Anthocyanin-rich extract (g)---1.21

Approximately 20 kg of each diet was prepared and consumed by animals over the course of the study.

Journal of Cancer Prevention 2017;22:135~146
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