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Journal of Cancer Prevention

Author's Check List

  • A corresponding author must submit the manuscript.
  • The cover letter, describing that the manuscript is not under consideration by any other primary scientific journals or in response to a pre-submission inquiry, is provided.
  • The font of the text is Arial or Times New Roman with 12-point font size. The main text of the manuscript is typed in double space. Pages are numbered consecutively near the bottom, starting from the title page.
  • The manuscript includes a title page, abstract, main text, references, tables, and figure legends.
  • The title page lists all authors with their names (no initials) and affiliations. The contact information (mailing address, e-mail, phone number) of the corresponding author(s) is also provided.
  • The ORCID information of all authors required for processing the manuscript is provided in the title page. Those who do not have the ORCID information can get it from
  • The running title/short title less than 60 characters including spaces and punctuation is provided below the main title.
  • The abstract in a single paragraph does not exceed 250 words.
  • Key words (5 or less) are listed below the abstract.
  • The main text of the original article consists of Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion.
  • For human and animal studies, details of informed consent and approval of the Institutional Review Board are provided in the Materials and Methods section.
  • The Acknowledgments can be placed following the main text.
  • The disclosure of the ‘Conflicts of Interest’ is described before References.
  • References are listed in accordance with the style (Refer to the Endnote Style). Please check the number of references according to the category of publication.
  • All references are checked for accuracy and completeness. References are cited in the text in a numerical order. Make sure that all references listed are cited in the text.
  • Table(s) with an appropriate title on the top is/are provided after the References.
    A brief description of the Table contents with statistical information, if necessary, is provided on the bottom.
  • Figure legends are listed at the end of the manuscript.
  • Figure files are prepared separately in a tiff or jpeg format.
  • The Copyright Transfer and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form is signed by all authors.
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Vol.29 No.2
June 30, 2024
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