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Journal of Cancer Prevention 2020;25:1-63
Original Articles
Diallyl Trisulfide Inhibits Leptin-induced Oncogenic Signaling in Human Breast Cancer Cells but Fails to Prevent Chemically-induced Luminal-type Cancer in Rats
Su-Hyeong Kim, Eun-Ryeong Hahm, Krishna B. Singh, Shivendra V. Singh
Journal of Cancer Prevention 2020 Mar;25(1):1-12
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Impact of Smoking on Human Natural Killer Cell Activity: A Large Cohort Study
Yoon Suk Jung, Jung Ho Park, Dong Il Park, Chong Il Sohn, Jae Myun Lee, Tae Il Kim
Journal of Cancer Prevention 2020 Mar;25(1):13-20
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Cancerous Inhibitor of Protein Phosphatase 2A as a Molecular Marker for Aggressiveness and Survival in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Rajab Alzahrani, Amani A. Alrehaili, Amal F. Gharib, Farah Anjum, Khadiga A. Ismail, Wael H. Elsawy
Journal of Cancer Prevention 2020 Mar;25(1):21-26
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Effects of Genetic and Pharmacologic Inhibition of COX-2 on Colitis-associated Carcinogenesis in Mice
Jeong-Sang Lee, Hyun Soo Kim, Ki Baik Hahm, Young-Joon Surh
Journal of Cancer Prevention 2020 Mar;25(1):27-37
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Survival Status and Predictors of Mortality Among Colorectal Cancer Patients in Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A Retrospective Follow-up Study
Bantalem Tilaye Atinafu, Fekadu Aga Bulti, Tefera Mulugeta Demelew
Journal of Cancer Prevention 2020 Mar;25(1):38-47
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Comparison of Photon-electron and Photon Radiotherapy for Supraclavicular Lymph Nodes of Mastectomy Patients with Left-sided Breast Cancer
Mehran Mohseni, Fatholah Mohaghegh, Nasrin Robatmili, Mohammad Reza Bayatiani, Fatemeh Seif, Nayyer Sadat Mostafavi
Journal of Cancer Prevention 2020 Mar;25(1):48-54
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Efficacy of Cereal-based Oral Nutrition Supplement on Nutritional Status, Inflammatory Cytokine Secretion and Quality of Life in Cancer Patients Under Cancer Therapy
Jin-Min Kim, Sung-Gil Hong, Bum-Seok Song, Hee-Jung Sohn, Hyunwook Baik, Mi-Kyung Sung
Journal of Cancer Prevention 2020 Mar;25(1):55-63
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March 2020, 25 (1)