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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3.

Involvement of AP-1 in the induction of 15-PGDH by 15d-PGJ2 in HCT116 cells. (A) HCT116 cells were treated with 15d-PGJ2 (10 μM) for indicated time periods. The DNA-binding activity of AP-1 in HCT116 cells treated with 15d-PGJ2 was measured by EMSA as described in Materials and Methods. (B) HCT116 cells were transfected with nonspecific or c-Jun siRNA using lifopectamineTM RNAiMAX transfection reagent. After 24 h transfection, cells were treated with 10 μM 15d-PGJ2 for an additional 24 h. Protein extracts from cell lysates were analyzed by Western blot with 15-PGDH and Actin antibodies.

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