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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4.

Hispolon reduces mitochondria membrane potential. (A) Caki cells were treated with 50 μM hispolon for the indicated time periods. The mitochondrial membrane potential was measured using a flow cytometer. (B) Cytosolic extracts were prepared as described under Materials and Methods. The protein expression levels of cytochrome c and MnSOD were determined by Western blotting. The level of MnSOD was used as a mitochondria fraction marker. (C) Cells were stained for active Bax using conformation-specific antibodies. The fluorescence intensity was detected by flow cytometry. (D) For Bax oligomerization assay, Bax monomers and oligomers were detected by Western blotting. The values in panel A and C represent the mean ± SD from three independent samples. aP < 0.01 compared to the control.

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