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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. A schematic view of thematic map indicating the complex interaction among the challenges and links between challenges and opportunity in cancer treatment. A well-aware client demands quality services and plays its own role in acquiring good oncology service facility and the later determines the satisfaction of the former. A dedicated and well-trained professional can positively influence the attitude of the clients towards the oncology services. The professionals have also a responsibility of introducing new facilities for oncology service by convincing and working together with the authorities. In addition, the facilities have direct impact on the professional satisfaction, effectiveness of the experts and the quality of the service. The conduciveness of the working-environment and the availability of functional instruments and materials needed for service delivery affect the daily activity and motivation of the experts. Medical technology is dynamically changing; thus, the professional is supposed to update oneself with everyday changing technology and should be able to utilize the cutting-edge technologies to provide satisfactory services. The technology should be also part of the facility and the later should encompass the former.
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