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Fig. 1. Effect of fascin depletion on cancer invasion. (A) Fascin expression in various cancer cells. PC-3 was loaded as fascin positive control. β-actin was used as loading control. aP < 0.01 versus PC-3. (B) Fascin-depleted cell (Fascindep) was prepared using fascin short hairpin RNA (shRNA) lentiviral particles and puromycine resistance clone was analyzed by Western blot for reduction of fascin level. Control shRNA lentiviral particles-A was used to prepare control stable cell line (Mock). aP < 0.01 versus Mock. (C) Matrigel-coated transwell invasion activity of Mock and Fascindep cells. Invasion assay was proceeded for 48 hours. Invading cells were detected by hematoxylin staining and counted. aP < 0.01 versus Mock. (D) E-cad-herin expression in Mock and Fascindep cells. aP < 0.05, bP < 0.01 versus Mock. (E) Three-dimensional (3D) invasion of Mock and Fascindep cells. Cells on Type I-A collagen mixture (COL-matrix) was culture for 10 days. Invasion of cells within dermal equivalent was analyzed by H&E staining. Scale bars; 50 μm.
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